Luxury holiday home on the waves

Are you dreaming of a holiday on the water, changing scenery and a luxury holiday home but haven’t found a way to combine it all? Onboard Houseboat Villa’s new Big Cat houseboat you’ll vacation or work remotely in a restful setting surrounded by the calming sound of rippling water while enjoying all the comforts of a luxury villa, including a sauna and spacious living quarters.

Big Cat

Can be equipped to be habitable year-round. Well-suited for use as a movable family holiday home and for business representation. The houseboat has a CE marking.


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Spacious holiday home

No less than 50 square meters of living space and a commodious sun deck

Easily moveable

Easy to control and move to anchor to wherever you desire

Customized for you

The space and equipment can be customized to fit your needs

Well equipped

Among other things a dockable jet ski for shopping and leisure trips

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