Luxury on the waves

Big Cat is much more than a regular houseboat. It is a spacious, floating luxury villa, fully customizable for different uses. Big Cat is a perfect movable family holiday home and makes a lasting impression in business representation use.

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Big Cat is currently represented and available for accommodation at Lossiranta Lodge in Savonlinna. Please contact us to book a showing. If you wish to make a booking to accommodate please contact Lossiranta Lodge.

Modular design

The Big Cat houseboat is built on modules so that the vessel is easy to assemble and finalize near the waters it is to be used on. It is also possible to charter the finalized vessel to wherever it is needed.

Designed for inland waters, the structure of the Big Cat resembles a catamaran: pontoons under the hull with a light and rigid composite frame. Movement is powered with outboard motors and electricity is provided by solar panels. Cruising speed for the houseboat is five knots.

Big Cat can be steered from the upper deck or the cabin. The structure is balanced so that it will not tilt even if everyone onboard is on one side admiring the scenery.

Maintenance of the houseboat is easy: the equipment can be accessed without removing other parts via service hatches above the pontoons. 

Gray water is retained and is not emptied on port areas. The septic tank is large and there can be several weeks between emptying it.

The houseboat has a CE marking.

Comfortable spaces

The Big Cat suits family and business use. You can influence the decor and equipment as well as the colors of the outer surfaces. Indoor space is completely customizable, for example the number of bedrooms can be fitted for your needs.

The roof has a spacious sun deck with a grill island. More outdoor space is found at the front and back of the lower deck. Indoors, there is a large lounge area, separate sleeping area that fits a double bed, well-equipped kitchen and a sauna compartment with a shower and a washing area. The washing area also holds equipment for washing and drying laundry.

The Big Cat houseboat is habitable from the departure of ice until late autumn. It can also be equipped to be habitable year-round.

Indoor areas are kept warm with underfloor heating even if there are some minus degrees outside. The houseboat does not need to be docked for winter since the hull can withstand the pressure of ice.

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