A smaller model

Big Cat is designed for family and business representation use. It will have a little brother in the future.

We are currently designing a floating holiday home suitable for one person. The smaller houseboat can be pushed with a jet ski to move it where you want it. Indoor space will be smaller than in the Big Cat but all the comforts including a sauna, a kitchen and a living room will also be featured in the little brother.

A larger version of the Big Cat

We have also designed a larger two bedroom version of the Big Cat.

Hybrid model

We are also designing a more energy efficient hybrid model which will be powered by electric motors. The goal is to make the houseboat as energy self-sufficient as possible, among other things by utilizing solar energy better.

Electric Model

We are also designing a model that will be powered only by electricity.

Bar Cat

We are currently designing an unique Bar Cat, which can serve as restaurant boat in the harbor or as a cruising restaurant. The boat will seat 42 customers.

Ravintolaiva Bar Catin perusmalli on 42-paikkainen.
Bar Catia voi ohjata ilman kuljettajalupakirjaa.

Transferable Terrace Ship

We are designing a Transferable Terrace Ship, which seats 200–400 customers. The ship does not have motors, but it can be transferred by a tugboat.

Alusta siirretään hinaajan avulla.
Siirrettävällä terassilaivalla on 200–400 asiakaspaikkaa.
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