For Houseboat Villa, responsibility means working towards sustainable development, which has already been a part of creative process for our first floating holiday home, Big Cat. Since we are constantly learning something new, we will continuously develop the ecological aspects of floating luxury villas. Our future models will always be manufactured and improved with the environment in mind. As a responsible ship building company, we take pride in the safety of all the floating holiday villas we design and manufacture.

Cleansing of gray water

At Houseboat Villa we are committed to keeping our natural water systems clean. On the floating villa Big Cat, the tap water for both dish washing and drinking water is filtered lake water. Its gray waters run into a tank and the water is purified thoroughly before it flows back into the lake. This ensures that our floating holiday villas do not contaminate our lakes. All of the models designed by Houseboat Villa have an efficient gray water purification system.

Use of solar energy

Sunlight is both a renewable and sustainable source of energy and the use of solar energy decreases dependence on non-renewable energy sources. The three large solar panels attached to the front of Big Cat’s sundeck generate electricity to the floating villa. In our upcoming models, solar panels can be added to multiple surfaces of the boat and with a sufficient amount of sunlight, the Big Cat can utilize the energy from the batteries charged with solar energy. At its best the sun is shining for one kilowatt per hour, and then the same amount of energy is stored to the batteries. Fully charged solar batteries have enough electricity for 24 hours. Big Cat can also be powered by its own electrical generator, however. Once docked, the floating holiday villa can be connected to ground power.

Hybrid or electric motors

The first Big Cat we manufactured is fueled by petrol from the outboard motors. As we have increasingly invested in being environmentally friendly, our upcoming models are designed to be equipped with hybrid electric motors or electric motors with a two-hour battery life. We are constantly looking for new solutions to prolong this time as technology develops.

Building materials

We give great consideration to the environmental impact of the building materials we use. Our floating luxury villas are built from light and rigid composite. As a building material, composite is relatively environmentally friendly as it is a mixture of wood and recycled plastic. In addition, composite is a sustainable quality material, which doesn’t decay or break easily. Using sustainable materials reduces our carbon footprint, and these materials can be recycled or re-used at the end of their life span.


Safety of our floating luxury villas is a primary concern for Houseboat Villa and all possible safety measures have been taken into account. The floating villas we manufacture are stable and balanced. In addition, these are built to be durable and so can even be docked on the frozen lake for the duration of the winter. 

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